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Emodied Psychotherapy & Couples Therapy

We specialise in guiding people and (love)relationships. Following a business career we have had a wide range of trainings and are experienced in body oriented psychotherapy (core energetics) and couples therapy. An embodied approach guides you to the core of the issue(s) quickly. It is the combination of consciousness and experiencing (embodying) that leads to a natural transformation process with lasting results.

In couples therapy we work with EFT (Emotionally Focussed couples Therapy) and Embodied Couples Mentoring (ECM). We guide couples together as this brings a unique balance in the sessions: a couple guiding a couple.


We work with an open heart; based on knowledge, intuition and personal experience with profound transformation processes. Frequently we see people form abroad in which case we work in English. In situations whereby distance forms an obstacle we can work via video calls.

In case you have any questions please contact us.


Individual Therapy

A process from 'being stuck' to being free yourself

Couples Therapy

Taking a look at your relationship together: let love flow again

Business Counceling

Guidance in personal issues related to your business situation

Training & Workshops

New info you'll find at our social media; or contact us

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