Linda Bresser Dekker

Following my own experience with embodied therapy I enrolled the four year core energetic practitioner training at NICE, Nijmegen.

Starting in 2010 I work with clients; guiding people who feel somehow stuck in their life.


It is the work with individual people that made me want to work with couples too. To make that possible I was certified in EFT (Emotionally Focussed couples Therapy), Embodied Couples Work (ECM) and Phoenix. Besides this I have had various trainings like: Intuition training; Vipassana Meditation; Voice Liberation; Trauma Release; Tantra; Respectful Confrontation;

Family- and Organisational Constellation Work. For working with groups I joined the postgraduate Radical Aliveness in Mexico. 

I work in an open, honest and loving way: Straight, from my heart.


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Rob Bresser

It took a burnout and core energetic therapy for me to realise that I was ignoring my deepest self. This is how it learned the importance of balance between body and mind. I started to read about Buddhism and enrolled the core energetic practitioners training program of the ICE in New York. A four year program focussing on the integration of body, mind and sole.
During this program I had a growing wish to become a practitioner and to guide others on their path. For that I participated in various other trainings like: Vipassana Meditation; Voice Liberation; Constellation work; Tantra; Respectful Confrontation; Radical Alive Leadership; Trauma Release Exercises (TRE); EFT Couples Therapy and Embodied Couples Mentoring (ECM). For me it is essential for any profound transformational work to welcome everything there is without judgements. 

I work with integrety, passion and commitment. 

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