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Linda Bresser-Dekker

Following my own positive experience with embodied therapy I enrolled the four year core energetic practitioner training at NICE, Nijmegen. I value a wide professional background and therefore I have had various trainings such as: Intuition training; Vipassana Meditation; Voice Liberation; Trauma Release; Tantra; Respectful Confrontation; Family-/Organisational Constellation Work and the Polyvagal theory. For working with groups I joined the postgraduate Radical Aliveness in Mexico. 


In 2010 I started to work with clients; guiding people who feel somehow stuck in their life. This individual work initiated my interest in working with couples. For that reason I am certified in EFT (Emotionally Focussed couples Therapy), Embodied Couples Work (ECM) and the Phoenix Relationship training.

I work in an open, honest and loving way: Straight from my heart.


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Rob Bresser

It took a burnout followed by core energetic therapy for me to realise that I was ignoring my deepest self. This is how I experienced the effects of a lasting imbalance between body and mind. I started to read about Buddhism and enrolled the core energetic practitioners training program of the ICE in New York. A four year program focussing on the integration of body, mind and sole.

During this program I had a growing wish to become a practitioner and to guide others on their path of personal leadership and authenticity. For that purpose I also participated in trainings in various other fields like: Vipassana Meditation; Voice Liberation; Constellation work; Tantra; Respectful Confrontation; Radical Alive Leadership; Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)Polyvagal theory; EFT Couples Therapy and Embodied Couples Mentoring (ECM).
For me welcoming everything there is without judgement is fundamental for personal growth and profound transformational work. Integrity, passion and commitment are key values in my work.
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