Couples Therapy

Just like everything else a love relationship needs some extra attention every now and then. In every long term relationship partners start to relate to each other in patterns. These patterns are killing for spontaneity, creativity and intimacy in the relationship. As a result you either live more along side each other or end up in more fights. This is a suffocating dance and the only way out of this dance is with professional help. Most of the time this forms the hurdle towards a deepening of the relationship.

We guide couples to learn to see their patterns. A combination of talking and specific exercises leads to gain insight and to contact feelings and emotions underneath.​ This process gives you your power back, helps you to see yourself and your partner clearly: Love will flow again! To look at yourself and your relationship like this turns a relationship into an 'exceptional relationship'.

We work in our own way as certified couple therapists in Embodied Couples Mentoring (ECM) and Emotionally Focussed couples Therapy (EFT). Should the outcome be that love has left the relationship, it is important for all involved to end the relationship in a good way. That opens the doorway to continue life in a different direction.

About us

We met each other in 1987 which means that we ourselves know the path of a long term committed relationship. Which can be characterised by phases: being in love, discovering parents, individual development, focus on career, being stuck in patterns and finding oneself and each other again. In retrospect difficult phases appeared to have contributed to a deepening of our relationship.


The willingness to grow is as essential as love and intimacy itself. This creates a growth not only of oneself but also of the relationship; surprising oneself and your partner time after time. Walking this path together creates an 'exceptional marriage', which is not a fairy tale relationship without any fights. It's a relationship in which partners show the willingness to take emotional risks necessary for further discovery of yourself and of your partner. That is what keeps the relationship alive!


"The couples therapy has been a gift to our relationship."


"We feel more at ease and more happy than ever before. Thank you so much!"


"You two are a strong partner-team!"

- MvN

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