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Individual therapy /
personal leadership

Every person encounters imbalances in life. But a lasting imbalance can be the source of various complaints. Examples being: insomnia, tensions, relationship issues, fear, pain, neck or shoulder issues, problems at work or feeling lethargic. 


The majority of our behaviour is unconscious. Therefore when you feel stuck in whatever way, or feel the need for more personal leadership, it is important to take a closer look at unconscious drivers and patterns. This is exactly why we work holistically, working with body and mind. We work to increase your consciousness and body awareness. It brings you to the core of your issue quickly and leads the way to personal growth.


A body oriented approach means that we not only talk but we also use specific exercises (like breath work or setting boundaries) and we'll invite you to recognise signals of your body more. All of this will facilitate a free flow of energy in your body, bringing you back in balance again. You reactivate the self healing capacity of your body. As a result you will experience more space, feel more at ease, and find answers to questions you felt stuck in.

Our body carries our history and most of the time we are not aware of this. To reconnect with your body more and reconnect to this wisdom leads the way to your authentic self: your freedom, spontaneity, creativity and life energy.


Being who you really are with all there is!​

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